In the Dark Hour

Sometimes, when the darkness comes to call, the last thing you will want to do is look at, work on and move through it.  You will dodge and do anything possible to get away from the pain and anguish.  Those are the exact moments when The Universe is asking you to be the brave and advanced soul you truly are.  Yes, it will be challenging.  

Yes, it will test every fiber of your being, but it is what you came to do, fight back and you always will.  

Sometimes its the undefeated wind of life that throws you apart but there you stand with a strong glare in your eyes, with the determination to defeat the undefeated and breakthrough the lies.  Its  time to stand victorious in the war between peace and darkness and regain the happiness lost. 

Smile through the pain and dance through the sorrow to live a Better tomorrow.

 Shillong- “The Scotland of east.”

Shillong is a magnificent hill station surrounded by beauty on all sides- flowing streams, pine covered hills and eye capturing waterfalls. Heaven can be experienced here. It is a calm and peaceful destination providing the tourists and travellers the perfect getaway. 

Shillong appears at its best during October-November and March-April. Shillong welcomes you with a cool and refreshing atmosphere. At the end of your journey you will find yourself at the heart of shillong amidst bustling activity. This is police bazaar- where you will find people from all walks of life going about their daily business.

To dive a little deeper into the place, nature lovers can enjoy the well maintained serenity and beauty of Wards lake and it’s beautiful lawns and flowerbeds. The  Lady hydari park is a good place to spend the afternoon in leisure. Shillong takes too much of pride in its 18-hole golf course, the 3rd oldest in India and the largest in Asia.
A little way to south of Shillong is the Shillong peak  with an altitude of 6433 feet which is a must visit as it provides a magnificent view of the entire Shillong town. From Shillong short trips can be made to Cherapunjee, the wettest place on earth and also to Dawki.

Shillong is a perfect destination for the romantic, adventurer,the creative minded and the camera lovers. It is a shopper’s paradise, a musician’s stage and heaven of nature, eats and treats.

A Myth

A myth that no one could prove,                A sensuous grace adorning her every move,                                                             With a laughter that was serene yet musical,                                                              A woman so perfect and beautiful.
Her Kohl lined eyes caused sleepless nights,                                                           Over her beauty, many fought bloody fights,                                                         One’s fate no one can foretell,
Yet she could, for her smile was an enchanting spell.
 Her beauty was both within and without,   She was like the first sprinkle of rain after a long drought,
She was an enigma yet she was simple, When she looked at you, her eyes, would always twinkle.                                

   She could make the starlight’s blush, Her gentle caress, a stroke, from an artist’s paint brush,                                   Her existence a carefully calculated chess move, 
She was, and is, a myth that no one could prove.