Assam -“The land of the red river and the blue hills”

​Situated in the northeast part of India, Assam is one of the country’s best holiday destinations. Assam is one of the Seven Sister along with Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from these, Assam also shares its domestic border with the state of West Bengal and international border with Bhutan and Bangladesh.  

The vibrant life style, the hospitable people and presence of diverse tribes and cultures are some of the characteristics of the Assamese Society. 

Assam is one of the most alluring  states of India. 

Keeping in sync with the picturesque landscapes and colorful customs, the Assam People are a perfect example of unity in diversity.

The gateway to the north eastern part of the country, the state of Assam is gifted with lush green meadows, fertile plains, the enormous Brahmaputra river, the beautiful hills, the blue mountains, the wonderful looking tea plantations, the rich flora and fauna. A pleasant climate almost throughout the year and the presence of exciting wildlife resources in the dense forests are added advantages for tourism in the state. It is the home to the famed one horned rhinoceros and few other rare animal species. Thus along with the tourists, it has also emerged as the favorite destination for wild life lovers.  
Assam’s culture is proudly sovereign. The gamosa (a red-and-white scarf worn around the neck by men) and the mekhola sador (the traditional dress for women) are visible proclamations of regional costume and identity. 

The Bihu dance in Assam is one of most popular and extravagant dance form celebrated with much pomp and grandeur.

Assam is a state of tourist paradise. Added to that warmhearted people and exotic aroma of a cup of Assam Tea would make your travel to Assam a cherished memory. 

Ecstacy of flames.

​I remember the time you held my hands beside the bonfire, I remember how wildly the flames were dancing against the pitch black night, almost like my wiggling desires.

Reckless and vulnerable. 

The shining stars being a witness to this ecstacy. 

A sudden Excitement in the air , a hush of expectation.

Blackness waiting for light, fireworks petrified to be lit and getting ready for perfection. 

Fire burning like a dragon’s breath, 

 A heart beating fast, 

 Everything around seemed to  embrace us.

Smiles And laughter fill the soul, a new love  is found, a new bond unfolds.

 Shillong- “The Scotland of east.”

Shillong is a magnificent hill station surrounded by beauty on all sides- flowing streams, pine covered hills and eye capturing waterfalls. Heaven can be experienced here. It is a calm and peaceful destination providing the tourists and travellers the perfect getaway. 

Shillong appears at its best during October-November and March-April. Shillong welcomes you with a cool and refreshing atmosphere. At the end of your journey you will find yourself at the heart of shillong amidst bustling activity. This is police bazaar- where you will find people from all walks of life going about their daily business.

To dive a little deeper into the place, nature lovers can enjoy the well maintained serenity and beauty of Wards lake and it’s beautiful lawns and flowerbeds. The  Lady hydari park is a good place to spend the afternoon in leisure. Shillong takes too much of pride in its 18-hole golf course, the 3rd oldest in India and the largest in Asia.
A little way to south of Shillong is the Shillong peak  with an altitude of 6433 feet which is a must visit as it provides a magnificent view of the entire Shillong town. From Shillong short trips can be made to Cherapunjee, the wettest place on earth and also to Dawki.

Shillong is a perfect destination for the romantic, adventurer,the creative minded and the camera lovers. It is a shopper’s paradise, a musician’s stage and heaven of nature, eats and treats.

A Myth

A myth that no one could prove,                A sensuous grace adorning her every move,                                                             With a laughter that was serene yet musical,                                                              A woman so perfect and beautiful.
Her Kohl lined eyes caused sleepless nights,                                                           Over her beauty, many fought bloody fights,                                                         One’s fate no one can foretell,
Yet she could, for her smile was an enchanting spell.
 Her beauty was both within and without,   She was like the first sprinkle of rain after a long drought,
She was an enigma yet she was simple, When she looked at you, her eyes, would always twinkle.                                

   She could make the starlight’s blush, Her gentle caress, a stroke, from an artist’s paint brush,                                   Her existence a carefully calculated chess move, 
She was, and is, a myth that no one could prove.